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Researching Images

Well, that wasn’t too painful. In fact it was kinda cool. The class consists of about 20 or so Masters by Research and PhD students, who are loosely researching ideas relating to images. There are some really awesome topics, included but not limited to:

  • Dance choreography and the importance of So You Think You Can Dance
  • Philosophy and imagery of Sophia Coppola’s Maria Antoinette
  • The depiction of animals in painting at the turn of the Twentieth Century
  • The oeuvre of Howard Arkley in relation to conservation and restoration
  • A rethinking of Futurism in relation to its actual reflection of the politics of the day
  • An examination of the rise of private collection institutions such as Tarrawarra and MONA

The workshop itself was pretty bludgy. I got to describe my ideas and listen to what others had been up to over the break. As it turns out, the majority of the class has been at it since the start of the year, so i was one of the only mid-year starters. It was both handy and scary to see where i need to be at in six months time!

Having sat through one of these, i may now be coming around to the wisdom that these workshops might be handy to staying on track and having a cohort to support you in the critical year one of candidature before confirmation.

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A PhD has classes?

After jumping head first into this research adventure, my first stumbling block has been the addition of classes in the PhD program at the University of Melbourne. New this year, the Arts faculty has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to introduce compulsory workshops. Beginning this week i will be attending a workshop called Researching Images, run by Prof. Charles Green and Dr. Mark Nicholls. I am not sure how i feel about this. One of the excellent qualities of the PhD is meant to be the lack of class time and tortuous forced readings. I will update with the wisdom of this workshop after day one. Stay tuned.

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Well this post marks the last of my mandated #wedm class blog posts. It’s been a blast. Please check in here every now and then as i will still blog periodically about things that i love / annoy me about the interwebs. Let me leave you with a list of things i have learned during this assignment.

1. I am hopeless at blogging every week. I would love to be a paid blogger or writer but i need some serious discipline knocked into me before i can achieve that!

2. People do a lot of dumb shit on the internet. It annoys me.

3. There are a lot of untapped resources out there – in this class i have learned all about Google Reader, Tumblr, Creative Commons, and what the hell Guilds are in WOW

4. There is a lot more to procrastination than FailBlog. Thank you lovely classmates for sharing your top hits!

5. QR codes are really awesome and could be used for an infinite number of things! For those who don’t know what they are, download a QR code reader on your phone or computer. A good list is available here. Now you are ready. Run around and find a code. If you don’t know where to start, try the second last page of The Age. Using the software you have downloaded and scan the code. Voila! You have a live link open on your phone! This software is starting to get very popular in advertising campaigns and you can often spot barcodes included on bus shelter advertisements. Most recently i saw one on the temporary wall of a new development on Swanston St in Carlton. Google has also made it easy to create your own using their shortener goo.gl and adding .qr. Brilliant.

The first person to read this code and tell me where it leads wins love and affection!

And my final thought:

34 more awesome 404 error messages can be found here.

Over and out (for now)

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Well after 6 months of floating around Melbourne hoping to find a shiny new arts job, i have given in and am heading back to University. Today is my second day of my first week back at Melbourne Uni and my first class for my Writing and Editing for Digital Media class. Every week i shall be blogging here about interesting things i have learned about blogging and the internet.

I enjoyed the readings for today’s class almost wholly because i read them on my iPhone on the train to Uni! Things have changed a lot since i first started at Melbourne Uni in 2001. Most excitingly what has changed is that i am sitting here in class on a laptop blogging as the class is going on around me. And this is encouraged!!

I hope you will enjoy my postings and please feel free to leave me feedback!

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