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Well this post marks the last of my mandated #wedm class blog posts. It’s been a blast. Please check in here every now and then as i will still blog periodically about things that i love / annoy me about the interwebs. Let me leave you with a list of things i have learned during this assignment.

1. I am hopeless at blogging every week. I would love to be a paid blogger or writer but i need some serious discipline knocked into me before i can achieve that!

2. People do a lot of dumb shit on the internet. It annoys me.

3. There are a lot of untapped resources out there – in this class i have learned all about Google Reader, Tumblr, Creative Commons, and what the hell Guilds are in WOW

4. There is a lot more to procrastination than FailBlog. Thank you lovely classmates for sharing your top hits!

5. QR codes are really awesome and could be used for an infinite number of things! For those who don’t know what they are, download a QR code reader on your phone or computer. A good list is available here. Now you are ready. Run around and find a code. If you don’t know where to start, try the second last page of The Age. Using the software you have downloaded and scan the code. Voila! You have a live link open on your phone! This software is starting to get very popular in advertising campaigns and you can often spot barcodes included on bus shelter advertisements. Most recently i saw one on the temporary wall of a new development on Swanston St in Carlton. Google has also made it easy to create your own using their shortener goo.gl and adding .qr. Brilliant.

The first person to read this code and tell me where it leads wins love and affection!

And my final thought:

34 more awesome 404 error messages can be found here.

Over and out (for now)

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I don’t do computer games. They bore the socks off me. Instead of sitting for hours going cross-eyed whilst wielding a joystick, i waste my time on the internet. I am a master of the procrastination surf. In a hat tip to fellow #wedm blogger Savvy Affirmations’ post on StumbleUpon last week, i thought i would round-up a few of my favourite time-wasting sites for your procrastination pleasure.

Source: failblog.org

My number 1 website for instant guilty pleasure is of course FailBlog.org. I have whiled away hours on this site and even contributed one or two of my own. For those not in the know, Fail Blog publishes user images and videos of ‘Fail’ situations. With the tagline “Helping you feel better about yourself every day“, Fail Blog never ceases to amuse and always picks up my mood. It’s only been around since 2008, but it won two Webby awards in 2009 (People’s Voice humour and People’s Voice Weird). It was sold to I Can Has Cheezburger and now boast easy links to the entire Cheezburger network, 47 different websites including lolcats, Failbook and Engrish Funny. There’s a whole day’s worth of procrastination just there!

Source: gofugyourself.celebuzz.com

Next up is the Fug Girls. Go Fug Yourself is the blog by Heather and Jessica, who use the blog to bag the crap out of badly dressed celebrities. For those unaware of the lingo, see the blog’s definition of “Fugly“. For the record, i much prefer the filthy version! The beauty of this blog is the bitchy acerbic comments. This recent post about Michelle Tratchenberg is a classic example:

“M.Tracht’s posture and the fact that the gown seems to be slipping down her torso makes the whole thing look like a tent. And if you can set up camp in it, you should never wear it. Unless it is a fur turban the size of a Jacuzzi. Then you should find a way.”

In the same ilk as the FailBlog Cheezburger sites is FML. Based on another example of internet slang, FML features short sentences sent in by readers outlining something shit that has happened to them. Some are hilarious, some just plain stupid. Readers than rate each others FMLs as either “I agree, your life sucks” or “you totally deserved it”, with a tally of how many people agree.


Another classic blog,  shared by parent friend of mine on Facebook, is Shit My Kids Ruined. This blog is a place where frustrated parents can relieve their frustrations at having their lives ruined by snotty nosed kids! I often visit this blog when i question my life choices as my mates settle down!

Source: shitmykidsruined.com


Finally, if you haven’t wasted enough time already, you can always hit up the US Apple website and watch movie trailers. Hours of entertainment! Just don’t blame me when your assignments are late!

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