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Melbourne Art Truck

Designed by Tristan Strong

Designed by Tristan Strong

Back in February 2012 i embarked on a brief adventure exploring the idea of creating an art truck curatorialproject. I was (and still am) in love with buying my food from trucks and had the zany idea that an art truck would be a fun additional to Melbourne’s art and food scenes. Drawing on the work done by the food trucks with Melbourne’s municipal councils, i pitched the idea to the Awesome Foundation for their MEGA Grant party.

I was lucky enough to be shortlisted in the top three and found myself pitching the concept to a large group of interested people, in the mix to win the MEGA Grant of over $4000. Unfortunately i was not successful on the night, that honour went to  One Girl, who used the money to build a toilet in Sierra Leone.

As a consolation prize, incredible people over at Pozible offered me assistance in running a campaign to raise the funds through their innovative crowd sourcing website, however after much deliberation, i decided that the concept was great in theory, but looking unmanageable in practice.

So for now, the concept has been put on ice, awaiting a time when i can find the right truck and funds to lift the idea off the ground. I am very grateful for the support of my friends who donated to my Awesome Foundation tilt and to Awesome and Pozible for giving me a go. For now i shall go back to eating Tacos from trucks and dream of a day when one can also enjoy so emerging art with food.

Art Truck Header

My Art Truck Pitch for those interested.

Also, a huge thanks to Tristan Strong for designing the Melbourne Art Truck logo 🙂


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