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Well, i finally bit the bullet and curated a group show ALL BY MYSELF! This was a scary prospect as other shows i have previously curated had either been smaller, with students or an exhibition where the artists were volunteering their work.

In this show, not only did i negotiate with 40+ artists, but they were paying for the privilege plus selling their work.

This prospect was terrifying to me as an emerging curator, who not only needs to curate a kick-arse show, but also to make it worth it for the artists.

To be honest i am pretty damn happy with the show! Of course there were a few hiccups on the day but the awesome install staff at BSG were on hand to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Some artists even sold their work which makes me feel a little like a proud parent.

Curating this type of show has taught me that curatorial problems often sit well behind other logistical problems, such as financial sustainability or practical concerns like lighting or a hanging system.

This is not ideal for a curator however it is a fact of life in a Gallery. Flexibility with a curatorial design is key.

Anyway i thought i would share a few photos of the exhibition taken by BSG. Enjoy! 

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